In the shamanic view, mental illness signals “the birth of a healer,” explains Malidoma Patrice Somé. Thus, mental disorders are spiritual emergencies, spiritual crises, and need to be regarded as such to aid the healer in being born.

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No but Forreal, don’t send me unwanted dick pictures. Story Time!
I meet this guy a month ago, he’s not my type at all and I’m pretty big on dating dudes who are my “type”. But since that’s never really worked out too well for me I decided if give texting this guy a chance. It was cool, we talked about black nationalism, feminism, and stuff, it was cool… He didn’t excite me but I wasn’t underwhelmed either. He called me beautiful every time he text me and I don’t like that, say what you want about girls being complex but it’s something about guys calling me queen and beautiful too often that irks me. It reminds me of that I’m such a nice guy and I call you beautiful. I know I’m pretty thanks. But anyways out next convo we talk about sex and after that he could not seem to talk about much else. He asks how I feel about dick pictures and I say “lmao what are you trying to send me one” I guess my joking tone did not translate well because next thing I know I’m getting dick pictures and videos of him jacking off to porn.
I haven’t gotten some unwanted shit like that since myspace. I stop responding. A few days later he asks what he did and I’m like nigga, I do not want your dick pictures before we’ve even gone out. He’s like oh no I offended you, I’m not offended by dick pictures but if you send them to me super fast that’s a telling sign. So I tell him and he’s like I’m so sorry, whatever. We start talking about school and then minutes later he asks for nudes… My nigga don’t ever text me again. So yea I’m going to stick to the type of guys I like.

Don’t send me dick pics if I’ve never sat on ur face

Don’t ask for nudes if I’ve never sat on your face.

Anonymous said: Why don't you enjoy oral? Have you just been getting it the wrong way? Or just don't like the sensation?

Idk. It might be a little bit of the two.

2 for you

Anonymous said: Do women enjoy banter via text more then normal questions? I look at it and I have got better results asking women (playfully) about their masturbation habits, as opposed to asking questions like "whats your favorite show?" or "what do you want to do as a career?". Why is this?

Haha idk if I’d want one of the first things a guy to ask me is about my masturbating habits but when you step out of the cliche 21 question type questions it can show you’re more interesting. I know I enjoy conversations more with guys that step out of the norm

Anonymous said: Nina, don't work out twice a day. Weight lost is 80% diet, and 20% exercise. The exercise supplements the dieting, not the other way around. Working out twice a day is just sort of a waste of time and you may even flat out hurt yourself if you are doing strength training.

Thanks for telling me what I already know. I’ve changed my diet drastically. I have not been drinking, and I eat nothing but lean meat, fruits, and veggies. My working out twice a day is ok. I meet with my trainer and then while the little boy I nanny for is playing football in the evenings I walk/jog around the track.

From last Tuesday to this Tuesday I lost two pounds. My goal was to lose 4 pounds a week but whatever. I’ve still lost a total of 8 pounds in 3 weeks. I really want to lose 4 pounds by Friday for my godsisters wedding so we will see if I can, I only worked out once last week and that really hurt me so I’m hoping to workout twice everyday this week. :D