The White Stripes - Expecting


You only loose the things you cling to. - Buddha

this guy <3

I think the night we shared was purely coincidental. but the coincidence came at the perfect time.

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I really should have transferred to an art school

Im making a promise to myself that if I can get through something as horrid as going to a liberal art (which has nothing to do with art by the way) school, than when I finish there is nothing that can bring my spirits down. My lowest moments were in college, even if something terrible happens I will not allow it to steal my joy or my passions in life because I made it through going to school for like 20+ years and school really sucks for me. 

Purple Ferdinand - Wasn’t Taught To Love

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Alina Baraz & Galimatias - Fantasy

if you dont do anything for me, listen to how great this song is

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"Heat is not a substance, but a dynamical form of mechanical effect. We perceive that there must be an equivalence between mechanical work and heat, as between cause and effect."

Dedicated to 10footballerina and Yaku.

Ethereal’s ‘Heat Death’ LP. A mostly instrumental travel through space and jungle.
‘Heat Death II’ arrives 11/11/2014.

denitia and sene. - she’s not the only one.

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Damn ma 😍

Andre 3000 so fine and in his raw element it made my head hurt watching him in this vid.

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La Heat
Bambis Armoire